What we are all about at YOGA WITH TOR

We offer the following services:

*Yoga Trapeze Fitness (Core & More)

*Yoga Trapeze Gentle Flow

*Yoga Trapeze Restorative

*Restorative Yoga

*Yang/Yin Yoga

*Chair Yoga

*Hatha Yoga

*Yin Yoga

*Tarot Readings

*Healing Services

*Full Moon/New Moon Yoga (Mat Base)

At Yoga with Tor we want our clients to have an experience like no other. We want to offer you a variety of classes that help you find the journey you seek for yourself. If your looking to relax, de-stress, and stretch we have that. We also have fitness classes if your goal is to tone, get fit and feel good about your body. Yoga is what you make of it. It can help you feel amazing, regain confidence, boost your energy, help you heal and so much more.

Allow me to guide you through a process of fitness for your body and mind. Yoga with Tor offers Mindfulness coaching, Yoga Trapeze, Yang/Yin Yoga, Full Moon & New Moon Yoga, Healing rituals, Ecstatic Dance, and so much more. I love to show people what different healing styles are available to them based on what their needs are.

Yoga Trapeze

Welcome to the yoga trapeze family!! It’s time to get upside down, learn some awe-inspiring tricks, plus get your spine healthy.

This is a wonderful, powerful, uplifting, fun energetic workout that is not only great for your body but amazing for your mind.  

A yoga trapeze is a swing-like contraption that allows you to hang from it in various ways. It also acts as a tool in many other yoga postures and muscle strengthening techniques. The beauty of this practice is that those tricky poses in a normal mat based yoga class are SOOO much easier on a yoga trapeze class.

Why should you try it?

  • It’s the most natural form of inversion therapy that lengthens the space between each vertebra. Think of it as an all-natural spine traction system or in simpler terms – what you need to reduce chronic low back pain!
  • It supports and assists the body in deeper backbends that normally cannot be accessed.
  • Helps build core and upper body strength through various movements.
  • Allows you to get upside down, reverse your blood flow, send fresh oxygen to the brain, and be invigorated/inspired!

It's for EVERYONE!!

Mindfulness is KEY

As a Yoga Instructor and a Mindfulness Coach, I have so much knowledge to share. I love teaching and coaching people through various stages of life. Life is so complicated and so fast pace that sometimes we forget to LIVE.  We end up stuck in "Auto-Pilot" which means we keep doing the same thing over and over each day without actually thinking about it and our mind is busy thinking of several other things. Which means you are NOT connecting with what you are doing at that moment. So my goal is to help people focus on what they are doing, build up a "Concentration Muscle."  So many of us suffer in silence with feeling: OVERWHELMED, STRESED, ANXIOUS, UNHAPPY, LACK OF FREEDOM, AND CONSTANTLY ASKING "Is this what living feels like?."

Guess what....you can be happier, motivated, fit, and focused. You just need to integrate mindfulness and yoga into your life. As someone who struggled with this myself I knew I had to share what I found. I want all you to be HAPPY, TO LIVE AGAIN and ENJOYING every moment. We all DESERVE it!! 

Lets begin NOW...take this time to reset, uplift and breath! 

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Private Coaching Yoga Sessions!!

Join me for a 1 on 1 yoga session geared towards your specific needs. Email me to set up a private session either virutaly or in-person at yogawithtor@gmail.com

Join us at the Moreau Community Center for a fun Cardio Class!! Saturdays at 9am

Do you want your employees to thrive and love where they are? Offer Corporate Yoga at your place of work and see the change in your employees.

Email at yogawithtor@gmail.com or call at 518-260-1674

1. NEW STUDIO space is now OPEN!!

2. An outdoor studio is in the works as well....so excited to be offering classes outdoor for all our classes. This will help us incorporate nature into our daily practice.