Day 1: Introductions to the Chakras ( Live Class in my Private Facebook Group) 30-45 min

Day 2: Root Chakra (Hatha Yoga practice) 30-45 min

Day 3: Sacral Chakra (Restorative Yoga practice) 30-45 min

Day 4: Solar Plexus Chakra (Meditation practice) 20-30 min

Day 5: Heart Chakra (Shaking Meditation & Yin Yoga practice) 30-45 min

Day 6: Throat Chakra (Meditation practice) 20-30 min

Day 7: Third Eye Chakra (Hatha Yoga & Meditation practice) 45-60 min

Day 8: Crown Chakra Practice (Slow Flow Yoga & Meditation practice) 45-60 min

Day 9: Aligning all chakras (Yoga & Meditation practice) This is our 2nd Live Class through Private Facebook Group. 60 min

**Day 2-8 will be emails sent to you with each of the Chakra practices. You can do all these at your own pace and convenience.

About Me: I am a wife, a mom, an entrepreneur, a Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness coach and Chakra practitioner. As someone who juggled so many hats I constantly felt overwhelmed, unbalanced in life, and feared speaking up. It wasn't till I discovered the chakras and how to balance them that I learned so much about myself. I learned when one chakra is blocked it affects the rest of your chakras by disrupting your energy to flow naturally through you.

Chakra Alignment Benefits: A natural flow of energy helps maintain a balance in life, even the most hectic busy one. When your chakra's are aligned you will experience a feeling of being at ease, boosted confidence, self love, and improved connection with those around you.

My Goal: My mission is to advocate, guide and support people who struggle each day finding balance, those who seek heightened joy, and those who struggle with self love. Why? Aligning your chakras will help you with all of those emotions & manifestations. Chakras can, and have been for many, the answer to unlocking your mind...Chakra balancing can be the key to who you will transform into once this process is fulfilled.


  • Understanding of the 7 Basic Chakras
  • Utilizing Essential Oils, Crystals and Chakra sound
  • When Chakras are in balance/alignment some of the benefits are: 1) Feel accomplished, stable, and safe 2) Creative, sensual, joyful & happiness 3) Strong Self-Esteem, Courage, and Strength 4) Easy to receive & give love, acceptance to yourself and others, and a feeling of inner peace 5) Communicate effortlessly, speak up for yourself, and speak your truth 6) Awakening your intuition 7) Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening, & eliminating negative thoughts & emotions.


When your chakras are in balance, they work together as a radiant force that animates the body. There are seven chakras in the chakra energy system, represented by seven colors that create a full energy spectrum. In this workshop we will dive into the colors, sounds, crystals, essential oils, meditation and yoga practice of each chakra; learning and taking in how chakra alignment can help elevate and balance your energy and your inner self.