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Mother Earth & Myself

Grounding and connecting within yourself and to the Earth. This candles is a great way to honor Mother Earth & Your inner-connection. This is an 6.5oz soy wax candle that smells of a sweet Woodland (make you feel surrounded by the sweetness of Mother Earth) & in the candle there is grounding spell oil. Herbs found on the candle are Albizia Flowers & Chrysanthemum. Herbs offer an additional element of opening yourself up to connect and ground. Turquoise Crystal (crystals may vary) will also be found on the candle for you to keep and use for your meditations or when you need to rebalance your energy or connection. How to MANIFEST: While lighting the candle set your intention and speak it out loud. Then take a moment to take it all in and BELIEVE!

Keep the Passion

Looking for Passion, Love & Commitment...this is the candle for you! You can use it to elevate the passion in your current relationship, light it for new relationship to grow and flourish and to call forward a relationship with full commitment. There is also love spell oil in the candle to amplify your desires. This an 6.5oz soy wax candle that has a beautiful scent of lavender & lemon for purity and devotion. Herbs on the candle are rose petals & lavender. Rose Quartz Crystal (crystals may vary) to help you connect to your Heart Chakra to allow yourself to remain open to love & passion. How to MANIFEST: While lighting the candle set your intention and speak it out loud. Then take a moment to take it all in and BELIEVE!

Relax & Recharge

Purpose is to help you feel calmed, relaxed, destress and allow your energy to recharge for a new day. This is an 6.5oz soy wax candle that has the soothing scent of eucalyptus & spearmint which helps lighten the mood & soothe the nervous system. Herbs are lavender & roses. Amethyst crystal (crystal may vary) is also on the candle which you can keep since it helps alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. Light this candle while taking a soothing bath or even while you meditate to help elevate your senses and help you relax and feel soothed. How to MANIFEST: While lighting the candle set your intention and speak it out loud. Then take a moment to take it all in and BELIEVE!

You do YOU

Purpose is to help boost your confidence. Remember to trust yourself and realize how incredibly strong and amazing you are. This 6.5oz soy wax candle will uplift you with the scent of lemon and orange. This candle also has Bad Chick Confidence spell oil. On this candle you will find Chrysanthemum and lemongrass herbs and Red Agate crystal (crystals may vary). Red Agate Crystals are known to be used in battle to help give fighters strength and courage. How to MANIFEST: While lighting the candle set your intention and speak it out loud. Then take a moment to take it all in and BELIEVE!

Protect Me Here & NOW

Purpose is to help protect you from negative emotions & energy from others. This one reminds me of having an evil eye for a candle. This 6.5oz soy wax candle has the scent of basil, mint & sage which is known to be used for cleansing and protecting. Herbs on this candle are rosemary & lotus seeds. In the candle there is also protection spell oil to amplify your request. A clear quarts (crystal may vary) is on the candle so you can take with you to use and keep on hand for protection. How to MANIFEST: While lighting the candle set your intention and speak it out loud. Then take a moment to take it all in and BELIEVE!

More & More $$$

Abundance and Prosperity candle. This 6.5oz soy wax candle smells like cinnamon & cloves which has been known to be used for prosperity. Spell oil for abundance & prosperity has also been added to the candle. Herbs on the candle are lemongrass and cloves (known for prosperity & abundance property). On the candle is a Tigers Eye Crystal (crystal may vary) which you can keep to help protect your finances and wealth. How to MANIFEST: While lighting the candle set your intention and speak it out loud. Then take a moment to take it all in and BELIEVE!

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Wax Melts

Check out our collection of wax melts! These are 2.65 oz 100% Soy Wax Melts. These are only $5 each!!! These will leave your home smelling AMAZING!!

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Body Moisturizing Spray

These 8oz body moisturizing spray are perfect to use after a shower. Not only does it moisturizes your body it also leaves a nice subtle/soft scent that lingers for a few hours. We have four scents: Tea Tree & Lemongrass, Sexy Man (an ambers & musk scent), Relaxation (Lavender & Chamomile scent), and a nice Coconut & Lime.

Aura Cleansing Sprays

Check out our Aura Cleansing Sprays. These are infused with sun energy water (meaning the water sat for a day in the sun to charge it with the energy of the sun), spell oils and essential oils. These Sprays will sit at my altar for 24hrs surrounded by crystals. I have 3 different Aura Cleansing Sprays

1. Evil Eye Aura Cleansing Spray to clear out negative energy, negative thoughts and emotions.

2. Soothe & Calming Aura Spray perfect for those of us that need a bit of time to decompress, relax and allow your aura to get the recharge it needs. If you are feeling anxious & overwhelmed then this is for you.

3. Re-energizing Aura Cleansing Spray for those of us that need a pick me up to take on the day. This help the aura vibrate at a higher frequency and allow us to be at our highest vibrational level. If you want more info please don't hesitate to ask.

How to use: Shake the bottle and spray around you or in the room or space you are in. Take the smell in and allow the energy in this bottle transport your senses while your aura get the clearing it needs.

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Sugar Scrub Bars

Sugar Scrub Bars are a great way to exfoliate your skin while you shower. This is the best no mess way to exfoliate your entire body while leaving your skin smooth, soft, and healthy. We have the Cinnamon & Coffee Sugar Scrub Bar and we also have Lavender & Spearmint Sugar Scrub Bar. Each bag brings 6 bars and each bar will last you approximately 2-3 weeks when you use them 2-3x a week. Ingredients: Coconut oil, essential oil, brown sugar, white sugar, coffee grounds, lavender buds, and glycerin soap base.

Dog Balm (Paws & Nose)

This unscented dog balm is made with all natural raw products and no chemicals or preservatives. Made with Shea Butter, Bee's Wax, Coconut Oil & Almond oil. All NATURAL products! Perfect for those furry friends that like to lick everything off themselves.

Massage Candles

Checkout these 4oz massage candles. YES!! You light it up let the wax melt to the edges of the tin and then blow candle and pour the wax on skin (test it out 1st and make sure not to hot). These are great for a romantic date, romantic night or even for a fun romantic exploration. These candles are made with soy wax, shea butter, almond oil, and fragrance oil. All product use are clean products to keep you and your loved ones safe from phthalate free products.

*Eucalyptus & Spearmint Candle (perfect to help you relax)

*Orange & Lemon Candle (perfect to help you wake up & recharge)

Seasonal Candles

Check out these 6.5 oz 100% Soy Wax seasonal candles that will make you feel like tis the season. Check out our Halloween & Fall Collection. These incredible scents include *Ginger & Spice, Frankincense & Myrrh and Apple Maple Bourbon. NOW we have our Christmas Candles up!! Christmas Tree, Christmas Punch, Santa's Cookies and Christmas Day. All smell AMAZING!!

These are $15 each

Christmas Candles (Christmas Tree/Pine Scent, Christmas Punch/ Fruity & Clove scent, Santas Cookies/Gingerbread scent, and Christmas Day/Pine, Balsam & sweetness).


Clear the Air Toilet Spray

Smells of Lemon Zest!! Great product to keep in your pocket book, guest bathroom or to gift. This comes in handy when you need to drop a #2.

HOW TO USE: Shake the bottle and spray 5-6 times in the toilet bowl and then do your thing. The smell will be trapped in the toilet instead of the entire bathroom. This 2oz bottle is $8.

Ritual Bath Salts

On the days the bathtub calls and you need to just wash the day away or to recharge your inner energy I got you covered! You can choose from SUN RITUAL BATH SALTS- which is orange & lemongrass essential oil (beautiful scent to wake you and recharge you right up). This comes with dried rose petals, dried lemongrass and dried orange peels. Almond oil has been added for skin hydration. SOOTHE THE SOUL BATH SALTS-which is made with eucalyptus & spearmint essential oils. This comes with dried lavender & dried chamomile. Almond oil has been added for skin hydration. MORE TO COME!!

Beard Oil

This blend of beard oil nourishes the skin, softens the hair and leaves you feeling good. We carry two scents: Lavender & Spearmint (perfect to use before bed to help you relax and feel soothing) and the Cedarwood & Lemongrass (great one for during the day to re-energized your skin and your energy). Ingredients: Almond oil, Shea oil, & essential oil.

Chakra Candles

These 4 oz soy candle are infused with spell oils, fragrances, herbs and small crystal that is meant to help rebalance that particular chakra. Each candle comes with a mini crystal that help with the rebalancing and re-awakening of that particular chakra.

Root Chakra- Nag Chap Scent

Sacral Chakra- Frankincense & Myrrh Scent

Solar Plexus Chakra- Peppercorn Pomander Scent (citrus)

Heart Chakra- Lavender & Lemon Scent

Throat Chakra- Saffron & Cedarwood

Third Eye Chakra- Basil, Mint & Sage Scent

Crown Chakra- Egyptian Amber Scent

Once you get the candle you seek, light it up and visualize that chakra, color, swirling and expanding.

What are Energy Candles?

Energy Candles are candles infused with spells (oil, carvings or others forms) to help those seeking to manifest what they want in their lives to come to flourishion. These are all white magic candles which means that the energy infused are good and pure energy that come from high vibration and seeking to help others achieve the same level of vibration. Each one of my candles are made with love, dedication, and the recipient in mind. As you light my candles I want you to light it with an intention already in mind & say it out loud as you light it. Then take a moment and actually visualize what you are seeking to manifest for yourself. Intention & visualization are both extremely powerful and these all come from YOU.

Candles, Crystals & Spell Oils infused with Full Moon Energy!!!

How to care for your Candle?

Energy Candles & MANIFESTING