9 Day Chakra Workshop

This is a 9 Day Chakra Alignment Workshop you can do at your convenience. The videos will be emailed each day to you with info of the practice for that day. This workshop will help you feel grounded, stable, connected to your higher-self, energetic, lively, happy and powerful.


Monthly Healing Meditation Subscription

Join this monthly subscription to get your weekly dose of mediation. In your weekly meditation you can expect each week to be of a different theme and different styles of meditation. Benefits of this subscription it gives you the ability to try different styles of meditation to see which style best suites your needs. It also open the door to establishing a healthy routine for your mind when it comes to meditation & mental health. Meditation is such a powerful healing tool to help with anxiety, depression, over active mind and more. Join our monthly subscription and have access to a variety of meditation in our private facebook group where I store all meditation for you to access. Sign up here!

Meditation Sign up

Chakra Healing (In-person) Workshop

During this hour and 45 minute class we will focus on each chakra as we practice Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, meditation, and the use of sound to help awaken and revive our chakras.