Yoga Trapeze Fitness & Gentle Flow Classes

These are group classes using the Yoga Trapeze to build upper body, lower body, core strength, flexibility and improve mobility. The Fitness class is active, fun and most importantly you will see RESULTS. The Gentle Flow is to help you stretch, breathe with intention, meditate and find the connection between breath and movement. Want to join one of our in-person classes? Then check out our Book Now page. If you have any questions feel free to contact us on the Contact page.

New Moon & Full Moon Ceremonies

Offering each month a New Moon Ceremony with Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Manifestation Ceremony. Also offering a Full Moon Ceremony with Yin Yoga, meditation and Forgiveness Ceremony. Allowing our manifestations and our lives to stem from gratitude, positivity and love. Each month dates change so check out our Book Now page.

Private Lessons (Yoga & Meditation)

The focus of private lessons is to offer a unique one on one class. The client gets to choose variety of style of yoga or suggestions will be offered. Also, while doing private lessons we can target areas of concerns. Private Lessons benefit the individual client, and the focus is what the client needs. You have the option of different styles of yoga (Kundalini, Hatha, Restorative, Yin & Yang, Yin or Yoga Nidra). Contact us to set a time and date that works best for you.

Chair Yoga & Cardio

Chair yoga is a yoga class where we use a chair for extra support. Chair yoga helps improve flexibility, concentration and strength, while boosting mood, and reducing stress. Cardio is also incorporated to each of our Chair Yoga classes to help keep a healthy heart and increase the blood flow throughout the body. These classes are great for every level and all our classes are open to everyone. Don't be fooled, Chair classes are an incredible workout and a powerful work in.

Private Healing Session

A full hour healing session. I will guide you through a meditative session to dig deep and determine what healing you need. Healing sessions could include music, energy healing, visual meditation, sound healing and crystals.

Yang & Yin Yoga

Half the class is a hatha practice where the focus is to build warmth in the body. The other half of the class is a Yin practice. Where we will focus on deep stretches in the body. Allowing the body to stretch and heal.

Ceremonial Cacao Meditation

Gathering together to drink cacao can create healing, connection and inspiration. Engaging with cacao as a ritual, rather than consuming it as candy or sweet, has direct positive impact on our individual well-being as well as our global ecosystem.

Cacao ceremonies are becoming more popular, because this helps people connect with themselves and others in a powerful way. Connect with the earth, inner-self, and fill up on gratitude, love and compassion.

Group Yoga Classes

1. Corporate Yoga for local businesses looking to offer a healthy routine to their employees.

2. Bridal & Bachelorette Yoga class? YES PLEASE!! What a great way for some bonding time and a way to do something together that normally wouldn't happen.

3. Yoga for Conferences & Summits. Hosting a conference locally?? Reach out for a great team building yoga class where we will focus on destressing and self-care.

4. Nursing Centers, Summer Programs and more! The variety of classes offered can be adaptable to every group and can offer an opportunity to create a healthy routine, mobility in the body and a great way to uplift everyone's mood.

Kids Yoga Trapeze

Yoga trapeze for kids is a great way for kids to learn yoga in a fun active way, while also helping kids to calm their minds and teach them to connect their breath to their movement.

Kids today need to learn the tools they will need to find balance in their lives. Teaching kid's different poses, new breathing techniques and different styles of meditation.